We spread our knowledge and love for sustainable and historical crafts through workshops and courses. Furthermore, we create a range of custom orders for both people and animals from sustainable materials that you can order by contacting us. In the end it’s all about making people realize the world holds more than meets the eye.


Den Gröna Fenixen focuses on finding ways to give animals a rich life, together with the human(s) they share their life with.
We make sustainable and durable enrichment toys, inspire how to provide interesting lives to pets and humans alike and we teach R+ courses where working together with your animals is central (together with Ulvens).


Balfolk, Swedish folk and blues are the main dance styles in which Den Gröna Fenixen focuses, but I burn most for a more general take on how bodies move: How can your body reply to the music, to a partner and to the entire space it occupies. What cues can you give and respond to and how does your state of mind influence this? These are things that work for any style of music and dancing!


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