Second hand finds, nature, history and mystery. 

The Western society is speeding up and consuming ever more. Den Gröna Fenixen (The Green Phoenix) tries to reverse that, by looking at areas that are often taken for granted.

We sell our creations in the webshop, create a range of custom orders, but the main focus of Den Gröna Fenixen lies on teaching workshops and courses. In the end it’s all about making people realize the world holds more than meets the eye.

  • Activities on Medieval Week
    Many types of crafts we modern people engage in are based on ancient crafts. In addition, many of the ancient craft types are also very durable, although perhaps more time-consuming. But that’s also a bit of their charm, isn’t it? So why not sometimes go back to the origins and look at how different crafts… Read more: Activities on Medieval Week
  • Plant Dyes and Promenades
    Join us on an educational day of promenading and plant dyes with plants we find around us. Capture all the colors out in nature. What will we do? We gather and go for a walk in the surrounding nature around Kullar och Klang where you will learn about different plants that can be used for… Read more: Plant Dyes and Promenades
  • Pine Needle Basketry
    Wait, can you use pine needles for crafting? Yes you can! By binding together pine needles, you can create everything from beautiful pendants to baskets. Learn how to bind pine needles at a workshop or buy finished products from us at a market or by sending an email. Technique Binding objects out of pine needles… Read more: Pine Needle Basketry

Who am I?

I’m Jolanda, the sole creator behind Den Gröna Fenixen. In 2018 I moved from the Netherlands to Northern Sweden. I have always been a creative person, but Sweden suddenly gave me the possibility to learn, explore and develop my creativity. Out of this Den Gröna Fenixen was born!

As the child of a very creative mother I grew up trying to make everything my eyes could see. In the past I’ve studied and worked both with biology and Nordic history, so a lot of my creative work is fueled by that part of me.

Besides crafting, my creativity flows to cooperation with both animals, people and music, so feel free to check out the Animal and Dance sections of this website.