Pine Needle Basketry

Binding objects from pine needles is an ancient tradition among Native Americans. They use a technique reminiscent of the Swedish root craft. The technique is widely used all over the world to bind a range of different plants. Although our ‘Swedish’ Scots pines do not have long enough needles, there are planted Swiss pines in many gardens and parks with needles that are well suited for this type of craft.

You can bind Swiss pine needles into among other things coasters, jewelry and small baskets. Another often used name for this craft is therefore also pine needle basketry. By adding pearls, using different colors of thread, etc., you can create beautiful, useful but above all durable items. With needles that you can pick just outside your door together with old thread and beads that you can find at most flea markets, you create small works of art that have no climate impact at all! And if you use wooden beads, everything can be thrown on the compost pile when you’re done with it.

The Gröna Fenixen organizes regular courses in pine needle basketry, among other things in collaboration with Studieförbundet Bilda Nord. The evenings are always appreciated by participants, as Västerbottens Kuriren, for example, wrote in the article below.

Some of my creations, and the results of students:

Article in the Västerbottens Kurir about a pine needle workshop by Den Gröna Fenixen