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Swedish Pine Needle Basketry

Wait, you can use pine needles for crafting? Yes you can! Learn how during a workshop or buy finished products from us at a market or by sending an email.

Binding pine needles into baskets is an ancient tradition among Native Americans, there it’s called pine needle basketry. You use a technique reminiscent of the Swedish root craft and rag baskets. Although our Swedish pines don’t have needles that are long enough to use, many gardens and parks also have foreign Cembra pines with needles that are well suited for this type of craft.

You can use it has the type of binding for coasters, jewelry and small baskets. By adding pearls, using different colors of thread, you can create beautiful, useful but above all sustainable items. With needles that you can pick from the ground together with thread and beads that you can find at most flea markets, you create small works of art that have no climate impact at all!

Den Gröna Fenixen arranges regular workshops in pine needle basketry. The evenings are always appreciated by participants, as Västerbottens Kuriren wrote about in the following article (shamefully in Swedish).

Article in the Västerbottens Kurir about a pine needle workshop by Den Gröna Fenixen

Look in the calendar for upcoming workshops and activities.

Some of my creations, and the results of courses:

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