Balfolk workshop “So you think you can dance?”

The dance workshop “So you think you can dance…” at CaDansa balfolk festival in Duiven, the Netherlands together with Janniek was a big success! With over 100 people attending the workshop of about 1000 visitors to the festival, we even grabbed the attention of the local newspaper.

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The workshop

For all those of you that feel comfortable on the dancefloor and like to change things up a bit. Challenge your feet, ears, brain and probably also your partner! In this workshop you’re going to examine your dance-style and then find the space in that. Learn new possibilities for variations, communication, interpretation… But beware, it’s going to be crazy!

The participants

Over 100 people from over 10 nationalities attended the workshop. Some testimonies from people after the workshop:

You opened up my dancing in ways I didn’t even know possible!

I always have backpain during dancing, but you resolved that.

We had to dance solo… with our eyes closed… while someone was watching my every move. And I felt completely safe and comfortable doing that even though it was way out of my comfort zone!

The paper!

The local newspaper wrote a large article about the entire festival with “So you think you can dance?” as it’s feature image! This is the translation from Dutch of what the paper wrote: